Anne Thomas is above all a lot of love.
We are two: Anne Thomas and Stéphane Salimochi, a couple with two children.
For over 10 years, we have been creating chic and timeless jewelry and shoes.

Chic, minimalist and made in France jewelry

The jewelry, it's me, Anne Thomas.
I launched my brand in 2005. Self-taught, I worked with ceramics. In 2010, I wanted to explore other creative possibilities, so I took a course at the contemporary jewelry Alchimia school in Florence.
This resulted in a new, very graphic collection that combined brightly colored velvet and gold-plated jewelry. Entirely made in France, this line of jewelry is later completed by a lacquered range.
With my latest creations, still gilded with fine gold, I am moving towards a more and more refined design, for jewelry with a timeless elegance.

Anne Thomas shoes or accessible luxury

And the shoes, it's me, Stéphane Salimochi.
I joined Anne in 2013 to develop another fashion accessory: the shoes.
I started by imagining shoes that Anne would have liked to wear, rather flat.
For me, today, wearing shoes is not the same as it was ten years ago. Today's woman doesn't want shoes that will hurt her feet, she wants shoes that are comfortable and chic, shoes that she can match as easily as possible.
Anne Thomas shoes are modern.
I want to offer very high quality designer shoes, to be worn for a long time, but at affordable prices.
When the line was launched, it was an immediate success. The first collections met their public in France but also internationally. 90% of our shoes are exported: United States, Japan, South Korea, etc.

Anne Thomas stores

In 2017, we opened our first boutique in Paris in the Haut Marais district in order to offer a large part of our jewelry and shoe collections but also a selection of designers and unique objects distributed nowhere else in France.
A few months later, the Lyon boutique will follow, a stone's throw from Place Bellecour.
An excellent way to meet our customers, to exchange, to listen and thus, with all this in mind, to be able to imagine for them the best creations.
In March 2020, we closed the Parisian store. We have decided to meet our Parisian customers during future pop-ups.

Our beliefs

QUALITY: Quality serves our economy and the people in it.

INTEMPORALITY: We believe in timeless, high quality collections that you can keep for a long time. We love classics, timeless fashion. Stop the diktat of trends and unreasonable consumption.

INDEPENDENCE: We are an independent designer brand and proud of it. This independence allows us to defend a certain idea of the economy based on balance, common sense and the redistribution of wealth. Buying from independent retailers and brands is also defending this virtuous circle.

SINCERITY: We love the creations we propose, they are not elaborated with an absolute profit aim and we take risks in the elaboration of our collections. We believe we have a duty of sincerity, to do what we do. Also for reasons of sincerity, we will not talk about eco-responsibility here. The term has become a heavy commercial argument lately, opening the door to a lot of greenwashing and overplayed speeches... We obviously want to make our jewelry in France (100%!) and our shoes in Portugal, now in two small family factories, but there are still so many things to do in order to self-proclaim ourselves eco-responsible. We will communicate on this subject only when we consider that we have made great strides... always with sincerity!