Why pre-orders?

Over the seasons, we have seen how difficult it is for us to make the right amount of shoes to fit your needs.

Indeed, knowing your favorites in advance and responding to them is a real issue :-)

We admit it : inventory management is an art that we had not mastered before now. Building a policy of overproduction - which is common in the fashion industry - does not match our values.

If you know us, you know that our items are priced right for the high quality we offer. A part of our collections is made of new models which will be on sales or not at the end of the season and another part of classics and timeless not sold and renewed from season to season. Both are always produced in very limited quantities.

The problems encountered in imperfect production management :
* Stocks on models that are expensive to our dear small structure.
* Unmet customer requests due to a lack of quantity.
* Small productions in pre-order and relaunched with you on certain models but delivered a little late in the season.

These productions we have been practicing since 2017 have made many of you happy.
After some thoughts, we said to ourselves that we had to go even further. We concluded the pre-order was an ideal solution for our customers and our small business.

Here are the benefits we see :
* We manufacture YOUR pair of shoes!
* You receive the pair at the right time of the season.
* We prevent you from chasing after the pair of your dreams.
Do you know what you want ? A pre-order, a bit of patience and you have them on your feet :-). You already have a busy life outside of this quest, don't you?
* Our company reduces unsold products and its stock. It helps us to maintain our prices and to generate enough profit in order to develop in a responsible way which looks like us.
* If you wear a size 35, 36 or 41 this can be the ultimate solution because we are not always provided in these sizes.
* The last important point and one that we have all known one day : No more frustration of not finding exactly what you want in your size ! :-)


You are probably asking yourself questions, here are our answers:

How will I know that the model will suit me?

You can send us any questions you want to this email address: bonjour.annethomas@gmail.com. Stéphane, Our Mister Shoes, who designs, develops the models, and follows their production will answer all your questions. Who better to advise you and talk about footwear?

What happens if you need a different size or if the product does not fit your expectations?

Despite our best advice if you need a different size, we will have a stock which will assure you to exchange the wrong size (within the limits of the available stock). You can also return and have a refund as in the case of a conventional online purchase.

What are the terms of size exchanges?

In France - delivery and return fees are included 
In Europe -  the new delivery is for us but the return fees are at your own expense
Outside Europe - the delivery and return fees are both at your expense

What are the terms of transport for a refund?

In France - the return fees are included
In and Outside Europe - all the fees are at your own expense

Other questions ? Feel free to contact us : bonjour.annethomas@gmail.com